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Cybersecurity Engineer Intern

Eurosmart - Brussels

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security.


My goal was to Improve the Infrastructure and Security of the support and business assets.

I was also involved in the creation of a new European IoT Certification Scheme which has been built up to be fully compliant with the new European Cybersecurity Act.

In addition, I developed a secure by design iOS swift Application.

European IoT Certification Scheme

For the moment I created 2 Eurosmat’s Security Profiles, one based on DIN_SPEC_27072, the other on ETSI_TS_103_645. The two of which have been elaborated from the Eurosmart Certification Scheme’s General Protection Profile. These 2 Security Profiles contain several important IoT Security Requirements which may be usefull for futur IoT Certification.

iOS Application

I am glad to introduce you to our new iOS Application "Eurosmart Drive" that is available for the Eurosmart Members on the App Store. Thanks to this app and a Fido Token, Members will be able to securely access (2FA Authentication) the member area of our NAS.

“Eurosmart Drive” allows to connect to our Eurosmart Synology NAS and Access to the members Storage. Members may Download files, Upload files, Create new Folders, Remove Files or Folders directly from the Iphone.

The software is open source and the code is on github.

Additional Data

Project 1


IMac computer fleet - Project manager

The aim of the project is to set up our brand new Cybersecurity lab at ISEN-Toulon Engineering School.

Created in September 2018, this lab is made up of 16 iMacs, 4 servers, 2 Cisco routers, 3 D-link switches and different types of IOT electronic cards (HackRf One, Raspberry Pi).

4 groups of 4 students, including myself, set up this hardware for the purpose of various courses and practical work, in a lab used exclusively to that end.

My team goal is to configure and manage a sixteen iMac computer fleet from scratch, such as centralised software management (using munki and puppet), active directory to manage all users data and automatic backups.

I am in charge of puppet and munki centralized software management deploiement.

At the end of the lab configuration, we will give courses to explain our choices and how the different technologies we used all combine and work together.

Project 2


President of Promo-ISEN

Promo-ISEN Toulon organisation handles the management of internal and external promotion events at ISEN-Toulon Engineering School.

As President of Promo-ISEN, I managed my team in order to distribute the ISEN-Toulon students to the student fairs and open days.

Promo-ISEN also organize the Digital Native Forum at ISEN-Toulon. ISEN-Toulon welcomes 35 companies from the Paca region. This event allows companies to recruit engineers in one day.

The ISEN 2018 Digital Native Forum is taking place on Thursday, November 22 at the Toulon Campus of the School of Digital Engineers, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Number of Promo-ISEN volunteers: 35

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